If you’re looking for ways to give back to your community or people in need this holiday season but don’t want to go the traditional route of dropping change in a bucket or writing a check, these are some great alternatives. Below you’ll find suggestions for some unique ways you and your family or business can support local needs.


Foster a Shelter Pet

Animal lovers can help out their local pet rescue by fostering an animal in need! This allows shelters more space in their facilities and can give sick or injured animals a more quiet and nurturing space to recover until they are ready for adoption.


Send Handmade Notes to Hospital Patients

This is a great option to do with kids! You can send handmade “get well soon” cards to your local hospital to brighten the day of patients who can’t go home for the holidays.


Make Blankets to Donate

Especially moving into the colder months, tons of charities are looking for blankets. From homeless shelters to hospitals, you won’t have a hard time finding a place that could use some. Whether you have extras lying around or are crafty enough to make your own, they are a great item to donate.


Make Care Packages for the Homeless

People experiencing homelessness often lack access to basic necessities, such as personal hygiene items and warm clothing. You can compile some of these items into care packages that you can pass out or partner with a local organization to donate those items for them to distribute.


Donate Blood

Donating blood is a simple, cost-free way to give back to your community and help people in need. Hospitals constantly need more donations to help keep their supply well-stocked for their patients.


Organize a Food Drive

Partner with your neighbors or coworkers to organize a food drive for your local food pantry. It’s a great idea to reach out to the food pantry and ask what items they need most. That way, you can make sure your donations are making a difference!


Make Baked Goods for First Responders

First responders don’t get time off during the holiday season. While you’re already baking desserts for your family celebrations, make some extra and drop them off at your local fire station or another first-responder hub! They will be blessed by your generosity.