One of the best types of charity you can give to is the educational charity. While giving to any charity you believe in is noble and should be lauded, giving to an educational charity means you’re investing in the future. The more educated individuals society has, the better off society is, so while it may not be tangible right away, giving to these charities benefits you as well. Here are the top five education charities to give to this year.

Scholarship America

Many high school students dream of going to college, but many can’t afford the high cost of tuition. That’s where Scholarship America comes in. A staggering 96% of this organization’s budget supports furthering collegiate education, including scholarship funds, college readiness programs, and financial aid education. That means for every dollar you donate, 96 cents goes to helping a young high school student get into college.

The National Society of Collegiate Scholars

NSCS is an honors program for high-performing first and second-year college students. Members benefit from further learning opportunities through community service, web page orientations, and participation in conferences. It also provides scholarships and supports public relations, and provides other opportunities to its members like going to conventions. All around, it’s dedicated to benefitting those students who go above and beyond in their studies.

Crayons to Classrooms

Crayons to Classrooms’ mission is to donate school supplies to teachers of students in need. From its inception in 2009 until 2020, it has distributed over $20 million in school supplies to over 100 schools. Serving the greater Dayton, Ohio region, it also operates a free teacher resource center. The center has served over 17,000 teachers picking up completely free school supplies for its students.

Educational Pathways International

EPI is dedicated to recognizing, supporting, and empowering young people of families in need in Ghana. It does this through a university scholarship program, enabling them to make a positive difference in their home country through their education. It has benefited almost 300 students since it was formed in 2007, and 100% of those students have reached their academic milestones.

Children’s Scholarship Fund

The Children’s Scholarship Fund’s mission is to benefit the education of children of all ages. It accomplishes this by offering tuition assistance to faltering schools and supporting education reform and parental choice efforts. Since 1998 it has provided $855 million in scholarships to over 185,000 low-income children.