Philanthropists are people who make efforts to improve conditions for individuals in need. These generous individuals seek to help people by working on long-term solutions that go to the source of problems, rather than donating money or volunteering for a day or a week. Philanthropists continue to help long after the beginning of charitable efforts finish because they desire that the results of their acts be realized. Philanthropists are genuine individuals who identify society’s issues and take the necessary steps to become part of solutions for years to come.


Philanthropists Invest in Society

Concerned with improving society, philanthropic people view their contributions as investments in the community and the economy to promote positive change that will be self-sustaining. Because these people want their financial generosity to further a cause, philanthropists contribute to various organizations, businesses, and legislative initiatives to move their cause forward. While philanthropic people are aware of opposing views and novel ideas, they try to understand others’ obstacles and their motivations and needs. For their altruism, these generous individuals expect no rewards other than the improvements that they support.


Philanthropists Support Causes Rather Than Organizations

Seeking specific causes to support rather than organizations is characteristic of successful philanthropists. They prefer to work with organizations that bring their goals to reality. In this way, philanthropists take a holistic view of their visions, aware that specific organizations can best take on one aspect of a problem. At the same time, other groups can successfully resolve other parts of the problem. These philanthropists, who accomplish much with this holistic view of issues, utilize many tools to bring about changes. Frequently, they seek separate organizations to tackle various aspects of a problem and effect changes. Their desire to make fundamental changes exemplifies philanthropists’ altruistic and empathetic nature, and it also points to their heightened social awareness.


Philanthropists Are Committed and Passionate People

Philanthropists are focused on producing a lasting impact. They devote themselves to learning about the organization and the cause that they support. The philanthropist strives to learn all that he/she can about an organization. Giving as much time as possible, the philanthropist sees a project to where a vision is realized.