Teaching is one of the most underappreciated professions in the world. Long hours that do not match the pay, constant scrutiny, and the need to use their own money to deliver the best education to your child are only a few feats that teachers deal with each year. Thankfully, there are ways that a parent can support their child’s teacher this year to make their job easier, including:

Maintaining a Positive Home Environment

When a child has a healthy home life, they are more likely to succeed at school. Enforce a schedule that allows your child to be well-rested when they head off to school, prepare them healthy meals that will energize them during the school day, and offer support by giving your child your undivided attention.

Help With Homework Without Being Invasive

Parents are often faced with a homework dilemma, meaning that they put more pressure on themselves to complete it rather than their child. It is salient to remember that the homework is the child’s and that they alone need to complete it. Sure, offering help and insight when asked is critical, but interfering when not needed only sets a child up for failure when learning the material. Giving your child a calm, inviting space to work will reduce the likelihood of you reaching out to the teacher with any complaints and misunderstandings as well.

Be Encouraging

The teacher cannot be the only one in your child’s life to provide encouragement and instill confidence in them. Provide your child with love, trust, and understanding. These efforts will only contribute to their eagerness to tackle the day at school.

Instill a Love for Learning

The best way to instill certain ideals in a child is to lead by example. Spark your child’s love for learning by engaging them in your own curiosity. Answer and ask questions, too. Fill your home with books and resources beyond a phone or computer as well.

Respect Your Child’s Teacher

Even if you are in disagreement with your child’s teacher, never say a bad word about them to your child. Discuss any issues with the teacher privately and with them alone.