Public school teachers don’t get enough credit for all the hard work they do, and that work is made even harder by the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. With many schools still demanding masks and social distancing guidelines for the new year, you may be wondering what you can do to ease the burden of your child’s teachers this year. Well, here are some ways you can help support them.



Even if you don’t have a background in child education, there are many ways you can volunteer your time at your local school district to take some weight off the teacher’s shoulders. Offering to tutor students in reading or math, joining the PTA/PTO in your community, speaking to a high school class about your career path, or chaperoning a field trip are all things people without a background in education can do to help the local school.


Support local libraries

Even in 2021, some children don’t have access to the internet or books at home, meaning the local library is a valuable resource. Libraries also provide after-school programs to help children with their education. They do a lot to help children (and adults) further expand their minds and get a good education, often entirely for free. Your time and your financial support can be a great help to these sources of after-school education.


Attend meetings

Did you know that most education spending and decision-making happens at the state and local levels? As a voting citizen, you have the right and responsibility to make your voice heard in these decisions, especially if you have children affected by them. Attend your local school board meetings to learn more about the issues they face, and offer your voice to help come to solutions. If you’re particularly passionate about it, you can also run for the school board yourself.


Support directly

You can also support your child’s teachers directly by donating to their classroom supplies that the school board won’t give or by spreading the word about their classroom project on social media so others can be inspired to help out. With some creativity, you can think of other ways to show your local teachers that their hard work is appreciated!