In the past, there seemed to be an issue with education accessibility. Those with problems like dyslexia often had a harder time with the curriculum than the person that didn’t have the disorder. Over the years, education accessibility became a cause of concern, and school officials must try to find ways to make it better for those with learning disabilities or are developmentally disadvantaged.


Considering there is a lot of money pumped into private schools, they have a reputation of usually being for exemplary students with parents who have a disposable income. Private schools can reject anyone that cannot afford their high-priced tuition or if they don’t particularly find the student up to par with the rest of the school. Whereas private schools lack the funding needed to equip those students with disabilities.


Some things have changed however in terms of making the school accessible for all. For example, public schools no longer reject people from attending. Now there is legislation where students can be tested and it can be decided by the school how they can be assisted. The legislation passed was called the Independent Education Plan. The IEP recommendation can help better serve the student so they can excel in school.


Over the years, public schools have looked a little like prisons. These days, they have not only updated their look more inviting. The playgrounds look more inviting and certain play areas have been sectioned off for an added measure of safety. School systems have done this because studies have shown that these separate areas promote a healthy way for kids to play together.


Considering public schools survive off of public funding, it is important to keep that conversation open. Although funding is a particularly sore topic during election years, it could make all the difference in kids getting the right type of education that could benefit them in the long run. Since public schools are more accepting in terms of who they would allow in their doors, they need public funding to survive. Unfortunately, private schools can not only reject someone outright but they are completely funded by parents who have access to wealth. Therefore these schools have access to some of the best technologies.