It is challenging to raise funds for a cause in a sea of many worthy causes. The key is to stand out and grab people’s attention without being overbearing. In our fast-paced, modern-day society, the biggest challenge is keeping up with potential donors. Sending out postal mailers and making phone calls used to be the bulk of the initial outreach. These methods are less effective in this era of advanced technology. Smartphones, tablets, and laptops are amongst the mobile devices that have a substantial amount of people glued to their screens. New fundraising strategies must adapt to these trends and reach people where they are most present.


Top Mobile Fundraising Strategies


  • Social Media Outreach: Almost everyone has an active social media account on one of the many platforms available like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. A blog post or live video with a call to action has been known to generate substantial feedback.
  • Texting Campaigns and Outreach: It seems that verbal communication has taken a back burner, and texting has become one of the primary forms of communicating. It is an easy way to notify contacts of new fundraising campaigns and to provide updates. Text messages have the highest probability of being read.
  • Email Marketing: This method has always proven to be a useful marketing tool as long as spamming guidelines are adhered to. It is advised to send out an introductory email about the mobile fundraising campaign to network contacts and prospective donor leads. Then it should be followed by a couple of reminders that include the current progress of the campaign and how their contribution will be an essential part of the movement.
  • Mobile Optimization: Websites and social pages must be optimized to be mobile-friendly. The visitor aims to be able to navigate quickly and retrieve information just as fast so that they can move on to their next mobile task.


A non-profit organization may opt to use one or a few of these mobile methods to reach their fundraising goal. The bigger the goal, the further the reach. While planning, they must also be mindful of the state and federal laws that pertain to charitable funding to avoid fines and legal penalties. Many organizations have launched mobile fundraising successfully and are in the process of developing new strategies to continue to meet their goals.