Few causes are more important than education, and there are many charities you can give to that aim to improve it. Whether it be at home or abroad or elementary education through university, these charities are dedicated to making education more accessible to everyone. 

Turing Trust

The Turing Trust was founded by James Turing (great-nephew of Alan Turing) in 2009. Its goal is to help students in Ghana and Malawi become IT literate, which will help them secure jobs in the future. In just over ten years, they’ve donated over 4,200 computers to schools in Ghana and Malawi, helping more than 41,000 students become IT literate. If you or your company is interested in technology and helping those in other countries, give to the Turing Trust. 

Scholarship America

Scholarship America started as “Dollars for Scholars” in 1958, and this crowd-funding-based nonprofit has donated over $4 billion to millions of students since then. They believe that higher education should be accessible to everyone and provide support to disadvantaged students as well as scholarship dollars. Donate to Scholarship America if you’re interested in helping more students access higher education. 

Life Skills Education Charity

This charity is dedicated to helping children in the United Kingdom get ready for the real world. For 21 years, they’ve been educating kids on topics such as cyberbullying, mental health, substance abuse, and knife crime. Studies show that children who receive life skill training have better awareness and confidence as adults and give them better access to further education.


ProLiteracy believes that every adult should have the option of improving their literacy, educating them after they’ve finished primary and secondary schooling. It maintains an extensive network that covers the United States that is dedicated to improving adult literacy. Founded in 1930 by Dr. Frank C. Laubach, who realized that a lack of literacy contributed to poor living conditions in the places he visited as a missionary. For the next seventeen years, he worked to bring ProLiteracy to over 105 countries.

Education comes in many forms and at all stages of life. By donating to one of these charities, you are helping promote education that will improve many people’s lives from young to old.