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Getting to know one of the faces behind the Dwyer Family Foundation

Getting to know one of the faces behind the Dwyer Family Foundation

Patrick Dwyer, a financial advisor from Miami and his family are the founders of the Dwyer Family Foundation. This foundation has as its main focus on the support of educational and religious organizations that aid the children in the Miami-Dade area who are in need. This organization, like many others, has the best interest of the members in their immediate community at heart when endeavoring in this philanthropic work.

Background of Patrick Dwyer

Patrick Dewey is widely recognized as one of the top financial advisors of Florida and the United States by organizations such as Barron and the Financial Times in the past years. Patrick Dwyer got his start due to the influence of his father, James Dwyer, who motivated him to pursue finance as his career. He obtained his Bachelor’s at Providence College and later on in 1993 graduated from his MBA at University of Miami. His interest in finance led him to position himself as financial advisor from the start. On a personal note, he is currently married and has four children and lives in the Key Biscayne, Florida.

Early career

After finishing his MBA, he was hired to work for Merrill Lynch as an MBA Analyst Program in Princeton, NJ, company headquarters. He was there for one year and once he completed his training he moved back to Miami and this gave start to his career as a financial advisor. He worked his way up with his clients and in 1999 he was offered the opportunity to become one of the first advisors of a new division. The Merrill Lynch group had opened a Private Banking and Investment Group specially designed for high-net-worth families and this is where Patrick’s career really took off.

Image courtesy of Lissette Fernandez at
Image courtesy of Lissette Fernandez at


Current career recognitions and achievements

Nowadays, Patrick Dwyer is recognized as one of the leading financial advisors by many renowned names. He is included in  “Barron’s Top Financial Advisors List in Florida” and the Financial Times’ “Top 400 Advisors List” in 2014 and 2015. Moreover, he has earned Barron’s #1 Advisor in Florida just last year, for the third time in the past seven years, as well as the Barron’s Top 100 Financial Advisors in 2015, for ninth consecutive year. The magazine, Registered Rep. listed him in America’s Top 100 Wirehouse Advisors 2010-2014. Dwyer has truly built up his reputation and even gone on to be quoted by many renowned financial sources. Due to his recognitions, he has been asked to be a speaker at many different places including his alma mater Providence College and University of Miami.  He is also a trustee member of numerous boards like the Key Biscayne Community Foundation, Neuroscience Centers of Florida Foundation, the Telluride Science Research Center and the Carrollton School of the Sacred Heart.

He tends to be known for his knowledge, commitment and passion by his clients. He invests a lot of time and loves the personal engagement that his job requires; he even acknowledges that through the years many of his clients have become long-term friends.  

Patrick Dwyer, Merrill Lynch Advisor – Interview with Barron’s

Along with his team of advisors, eight professionals that work alongside him, they provide third party investment consulting and private banking services to roughly 40 high net worth families in the South Florida region. Their goal is not only to advise them in particular ventures, but in general to help them with a variety of wealth management needs. Be it if their clients are looking to get a loan for a business or in search of a new house, they are there to help and advise their financial movement to assure their money is safe.  Additionally, they offer other services such as money investments, estate planning, lending services and concentrated stock and risk-management strategies.

At the end of the day, Patrick recognizes that his clients don’t only turn to them for financial advice, but they are looking for someone to make their lives better. So this is why their personalized guidance goes a long way in helping their business grow and offer the best financial advice to current and future clients.

Dwyer Family Foundation

The foundation has tried to help as much as possible those corporations in the Miami-Dade area that are dedicated to educational and religious for children. Some of their contributions have been awarded to schools that serve children with learning disabilities such as dyslexia. Another example of their work has been with programs that are tailored to girls’ and young women’s educational growth. Finally, their efforts also help those stewardship programs that support sustainability and the environment.