6 great reasons why teachers need to assign homework

6 great reasons why teachers need to assign homework

Teachers are constantly trying to find new and interesting ways to help students understand and learn what was seen in class.  Some have infinite patience to explain once and again a concept, with the firm conviction that a student will get in the next try.  Other teachers have a knack for thinking outside the box and being eccentric in the classroom.  And then there are those who strongly believe quizzes and tests are the best way to go about reaching students.  Whatever strategy a teacher decides to implement in his or her classroom it will never be as effective and powerful as homework.

Pedagogy and methodologies have evolved over time. They are constantly analyzing what’s working and how to make it even better and what’s not and how to turn it around.  One of the things that teachers debate the most in today’s world is homework and how valid it is an educational tool for students to improve their knowledge.  Finland, the gold standard for education, believes in the power of homework even as they go through a reform in their educational system.  Homework is absolutely necessary and here are some reasons why.

  1.    Doing homework creates knowledge.

Acquiring knowledge is up to an individual.  It is not collective, but rather subjective.  Every student decides what to pay attention to or what to focus on based on their own study interests and habits.  Teachers transmit information and not knowledge in the classroom.  Homework helps students internalize the concepts and information they received in class and thus create their own knowledge and understanding of a particular subject.

  1.    Homework helps students become more responsible

Teaching responsibility is one of the most challenging things for parents towards their children.  Making sure children make a habit out of doing homework helps children become more responsible.  Responsibility is all about seeing something through without having anyone riding you to get it done.  Homework teaches children the skills they will need to carry out tasks in an independent manner.

  1.    It keeps your mind running and fine tuned

A person’s mind is his or her most powerful tool to face the world and its difficulties head on.  Homework makes the mind work where being sedentary kills neurons.  By doing homework students are constantly challenging their brains to not diddle daddle and concentrate on a task at hand.  The more the brain gets a chance to think, analyze, and propose the more intelligent a person can become.

  1.    It boosts self-confidence and awareness

Doing homework usually comes with a pat in the back or positive feedback.  The confidence acquired as a result is a great motivator for students to believe in themselves and their capacities.  As many teachers will testify, students will try harder when they are aware of the positive feedback they receive from teacher.  Let’s not forget about the importance of self-esteem in academic performance.  Students who know they are doing a good job tend to work harder to maintain the pace and never falter.

Image courtesy of Alan Wat at Flickr.com
Image courtesy of Alan Wat at Flickr.com
  1.    Boosts problem solving and researching skills

Here is one of the greatest benefits of doing homework.  Children and especially teenagers are usually on their own when it comes to doing homework.  At times, it might get difficult to complete an assignment.  Reaching an obstacle while doing homework forces children to investigate and think carefully of how to take on a certain task.  These skills will definitely help children in the future when they have to deal with real world situation.

  1.    It gets parents involved

It’s crucial for parents to be a part of their child’s educational process.  They need to know what their children are learning and guide them with their homework.  The important word is guide.  Parents tend to take the easy way and do their child’s homework for them.  Big no-no.  Instead of doing this, parents should be on standby for when their children might be stuck on something to help them come to a solution.  Finally, homework gives parents a chance to measure how demanding a school’s academics are in addition to gaining insight into how much progress their child is making at school.

Homework is a must in any educational system.  Teachers, parents, and students can’t expect for knowledge to come on its own accord.  It has to be acquired through hard work, discipline, and responsibility.  Homework is one the best ways to acquire these skills that, as a bonus, will help students in the future outside of the classroom.  While many students and some teachers do not agree with assigning homework nowadays, it is still incredibly powerful.

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