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Patrick Dwyer, Merrill Lynch wealth manager, founded the Dwyer Family Foundation. He oversees Dwyer & Associates, which operates under the umbrella of Merrill Lynch’s Private Banking and Investment Group.

The Foundation

Our goal at the Dwyer Family Foundation is to teach our children not only the value of giving but also how to give effectively. Our family philanthropy centers on our shared interest in the educational and religious organizations that serve our family and our community as well as programs that help children in need throughout… Continue Reading


Patrick Dwyer

One of the country’s top financial advisors, Patrick Dwyer is the managing director of Dwyer & Associates of Miami, where he helps ultra-high-net-worth families manage their investment portfolios. He and his team oversee more than $2.7 billion in assets for clients. Continue Reading

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Patrick Dwyer Merrill Lynch Student Engagement in the Classroom

Patrick Dwyer Merrill Lynch Student Engagement in the Classroom

3 Steps for Encouraging Student Engagement in the Classroom by Patrick Dwyer Merrill Lynch Adults sometimes find it difficult to participate in conversations or focus on tasks when they find these boring or too monotonous, says Patrick Dwyer Merrill Lynch. If adults experience this kind of difficulty; what more kids and students? Teaching is a… Continue Reading